Malena + Kiva Zip have partnered to support entrepreneurs worldwide, like Rock+Pillar, whose dream is to keep traditional skills of Peruvian communities alive. Through this preservation, future generations can learn from these practices and keep them going. And starting today, you can make their dreams come true.
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If the campaign succeeds, whatever amount you invested, you will receive in the form of a Malena gift card, to use in the Malena Marketplace, now or in the future, for whatever you choose. Anyone who invests $100 or more also will receive an exclusive hand-lettered print.

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Malena has partnered with Kiva Zip to launch an innovative new platform to support our community of artisans and entrepreneurs, helping us to continue on our mutual journey to support the voices, futures, and dignity of people worldwide.

Rock+Pillar, who received a Kiva loan to nurture their business, was created to preserve traditional skills like hand weaving, leather working and cobbling. Through this preservation, future generations can learn from these practices and keep themĀ alive. With factory production being a reality of everyday life, Rock+Pillar wants to take an alternative route and create quality, mendable products that could last a lifetime.

These products incorporate handspun, organic textiles alongside artisanal leather, and they work one on one with local artisans to bring the designs to life, apprenticing and working with generational makers who are experts in their craft. Together, they create. The end result is handmade, exquisite goods that stand the test of time while also carrying forward the heritage of where they were made.


If we reach our campaign goal, we will use the goal amount to bring Rock+Pillar goods to the Malena Marketplace, helping to invest in their dreams. (If we do not reach our campaign goal, you will not be charged.)

You will receive a Malena gift card for the exact amount you invested, to use in the Malena Marketplace, for yourself or as a gift.

Those who invest $100 and above also will receive an inspiring and exclusive hand-lettered print as our gift to you.

Any funds raised above our campaign goal will go into our Artisans Fund, to allow Malena to continue forging relationships like this one, so that we can invest in the dreams and futures of more communities around the world.


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this campaign ends on 04/25/2016

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