Today is World Day Against Child Labor, which affects 168 million children worldwide, almost 11% of all children.

Let’s advocate for every child’s right to an education, a future tomorrow, and a childhood today.

Let’s support human rights for children everywhere, demand their right to protections and a sustainable future, and celebrate children around the world. No child should have to choose labor over school, joy, and play.

In choosing to support companies that support their partnersethically sourced materials, and transparent supply chains, you are helping to end child labor and to increase education and dignity, which will lead to a brighter future for us all, including more thriving economies. So thank you for joining us in empowering the wonderful people who make our goods, and in doing so providing more opportunities for their children, families, and communities as well.

Today, tag your Malena style with #worlddayagainstchildlabor and #shopmalena and wear it with pride. Let’s start a revolution for the rights and futures of children everywhere.