Scarves, the first original Malena Collection, are our symbol for empowerment and style worldwide. In different ways, all across the globe, scarves mean something unique and special to everyone, yet they also tie us together in our common humanity.

Scarves symbolize self-expression and storytelling, in addition to being the quintessential fashion accessory. Whether you wear your scarf around your neck to block out the biting cold, snuggle up with a scarf as a blanket on an airplane, lay one down as a towel for a picnic, tie one into your hair, or use one as a sling to keep your baby cozy, scarves have myriad meanings and uses.

Scarves are powerful in that they offer protection for the wearer. For desert dwellers where the wind whips frenzied sand into faces, scarves are practical. In arctic climates, thick, tightly wrapped scarves keep you from losing heat. In a snap, a scarf can be laid down as tablecloth, or wrapped around you after a swim. They can be tied onto purses as an embellishment, draped over a lampshade and used as a pillow in a pinch.

Scarves are at the crossroads of fashion and function. Headscarves, whether worn for cultural, religious or personal preference, also meet at this beautiful intersection. Scarves are instruments of diversity, because each one is unique to the person that wears it. Similarly, slings for babies serve a purpose and make a statement. For many women in the world, scarves keep babies warm, safe, and snug while their mothers are working.

Because they can be utilized in a variety of ways, a single scarf has infinite possibilities for expressing oneself, allowing people, and particularly women, to tell the story of who they are across the world and across cultures, seasons, and styles. And while scarves showcase your individuality, they also represent the ways in which we are all connected.

From the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo wearing white scarves in their hair as a sign of protest, to the essential Tibetan tradition of giving Khata scarves as a gift of celebration and gratitude, the scarf is Malena’s emblem of beauty, independence, generosity, positivity, and individual and collective pride. And we are so honored to have collaborated with our Ethiopian partner collective to support the economic empowerment of their artisans.

And we would love to see how you style your scarf!

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We can’t wait to celebrate your Malena scarf style.

Photo by: Cydney Puro (of our Maya Collection)