Celebrating MLK


At Malena, we celebrate freedom, connection, and understanding. So, in honor of one of our heroes, Martin Luther King, Jr., we are celebrating MLK Day with an homage to his work and all that he stood for. Each year on MLK Day, we read MLK Jr.’s Letter from Birmingham Jail and watch his I Have a Dream Speech. They are some of the most precious words ever spoken.  Read more


Happy Holidays

holiday flowers

Happy Holidays and Joyful Tidings from Malena! Read more


Scarf Stories: The Scout Collection


In Scarf Stories, we write in appreciation of the people and characters for whom the Malena scarves are named. In this edition, we marvel at one of the most vivid and dauntless young characters in American literature, Scout Finch of Harper Lee’s classic work, To Kill a Mockingbird. Through Scout’s eyes and voice, we learned that the struggle to distinguish right from wrong, and to do right even when it is most difficult, begins in childhood and lasts one’s whole life. Below are our thoughts on why the Scout collection was named for her. Read more


Why We Do What We Do

Flynn in Rwanda


I woke up to this note from one of our partners, and wanted to share it here, as it’s what Malena is all about. It’s why we do what we do. Read more


Malena in the Press


Check out Malena in the press! Read more