Our founder had the honor of being invited to be a guest on Roam + Go Lightly’s podcast, where she discussed all things Malena, along with her thoughts on everything from creativity and inspiration, to adventure and human rights, to traveling while having a positive social impact.



Flynn Coleman is an inspiration. Where to even begin with the incredible impact she’s made on the world? As an international human rights lawyer, social entrepreneur, mindfulness, innovation, and creativity teacher educator, author, TedX speaker and founder and CEO of an ethically driven shop, it’s easy to say that Flynn’s hellbent on inspiring and empowering the world with her incredible voice and mind. She’s travelled the world, worked with the U.N., international corporations and human rights organizations around the world, and today’s she’s chatting with us all about her journey, her experiences in advocating for others so that people can share their stories in their own words, in their own way, and how we can tap into the “dance” of creativity through mindfulness and bringing our best to every moment. Are you ready for some next level inspiration?”



Check out the full podcast on Roam + Go Lightly’s blog!

Photos of Flynn by: Melissa de Mata